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Broken Arrow Sprinkler has proudly served families and businesses throughout Oklahoma for more than 10 years. Our sprinkler company knows, with over a decade of experience, how much talent, dedication and customer service this means for our customers. We are also committed to delivering high-quality sprinkler systems, sprinkler system repairs, sprinkler installations, and solutions for drainage. Our experts will inspect your irrigation system as well as provide tune-up sprinklers if necessary. If you are looking for sprinkler repairs or irrigation installations please contact Broken Arrow Sprinkler today.

We treat every job as if we were working at home or at our own company. We have the expertise and the equipment required to solve challenging drainage issues and to protect your property from water runoff that could endanger your base. We work at every job from drainage solutions to the construction of water-preservation sprinkler systems to 100 percent satisfaction. Our focus is on installing a quality lawn sprinkler system, fixing a sprinkler system and installing a drainage system. We know the long-term advantages of using the highest quality standards and selecting the best equipment available from our years of experience. Competitive pricing and reliable sprinkler repair services have made Broken Arrow Sprinkler a recognized market leader in the industry.

Sprinkler Repair

Once you’re ready to shape your spring yard or to aerate and plant grass seeds, you first need to know how well your home irrigation system works. Are you watering too much, too little, is there a watering issue with your sprinkler system? If you are not sure if your sprinkler system is operating efficiently, please call our local sprinkler system repair experts at Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair in Oklahoma.

We offer a sprinkler system check. We can point out key areas that waste water and ultimately waste your money, by evaluating your home’s sprinkler system from top to bottom.
Well-maintained sprinkler systems will make sure that your yard never gets too much or too little watering.
This will result in a healthier root structure and, eventually, a lush, green lawn all year long.

We are glad to come to your property or business to inspect your sprinkler system and provide you with a cost-free estimate of all your options for repair or replacement of sprinklers. Our staff will have your irrigation system up and working again in no time. We promise never to recommend more than what is needed. We value relationships with customers, not just payments.

You will receive friendly support, old-fashioned courtesy, and personalized attention from start to finish. Feel comfortable asking any questions to our knowledgeable team. We will immediately address your concerns with helpful answers and ideal advice. Give us a call today!


If you are a homeowner in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, you probably want your lawn to look as good as possible. Sadly, our hot, dry climate can make it challenging to achieve that goal. One of the most reliable ways to keep your lawn gorgeous and healthy is with a professionally installed sprinkler and irrigation system.

Why Install an Irrigation and Sprinkler System

Many homeowners of Oklahoma believe that sprinklers and irrigation systems are no more efficient or efficient than watering their lawns by hand or using regular lawn sprinklers. It might not be any further from the fact. In fact, permanent irrigation and sprinkler lines are much better for your lawn, and better for your wallet as well.

Here are just some of the advantages of the installed irrigation and sprinkler system:

It saves you time: if you water your entire lawn, you could spend hours outside every week. The installed sprinkler system allows you to automate this process without sacrificing your garden or lawn’s health.

It saves you money: lawn irrigation and sprinklers systems are more efficient than hand-watering or regular sprinklers connected to a garden hose. With a professionally installed system, you will avoid overwatering and watering during the wrong part of the day, saving you money over time. You could also install rain sensors to prevent it from flooding when the soil is already moist.

It keeps the lawn healthier: watering your grass and garden in the right way is essential to ensure that it stays healthy. The installed sprinkler and irrigation system can water your plants during the coolest part of the day or even at night to avoid loss of evaporation and plant damage. It could also supply different amounts of water to different areas of your lawn, allowing you to focus water on the parts that need it most.

It can prevent weed growth: if you are a gardener, an underground drip irrigation system can help prevent weeds and unwanted plants from taking over your garden. Drip irrigation systems directly water the roots of your plants. Call us today so we can help you make the best choices for your Broken Arrow lawn.


Sprinkler Repair Near Me

Protect your investment, don’t let a damaged or inefficient sprinkler system affect your lawn or landscape’s beauty. You could rely on us to give you prompt and quality service for any and all of your sprinkler issues.

You can get complete repairs for all brands of residential and commercial sprinkler systems. No matter the issue, large or small, we can fix it right, at a fair price.

Get the confidence in knowing that you will have trusted and high-quality professionals. Our Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair team of experts can handle all projects, from large to small, and provide advice on the repair of lawn sprinklers. We will help make the process simpler by finding the right professionals for your project.

We are delighted to come to your home or business to inspect your sprinkler system and provide you with a cost-free estimate of all your options for sprinkler repair or replacement. Our team will have the irrigation system up and running again as soon as possible, and we promise never to recommend or suggest more than what is needed. Call us today!

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Sprinkler Installation

Not sure if you can benefit from an irrigation or sprinkler system? One way to help you determine is to answer a few questions about your lawn care and gardening habits:

Do you manually water your lawn or garden?

If you use a hose to water your lawn or garden, a sprinkler or irrigation system can make your watering more efficient and efficient. With an irrigation and sprinkler system, you can get full coverage of your lawn or garden, so that your plants and grass stay healthy. Still, you also save a lot of time and avoid careless watering.

Do you use a standalone sprinkler linked to a hose?

While sprinklers keep you from watering your lawn manually, they are almost always inefficient and bad for the lawn as a whole. Most lawn sprinklers could only focus on a modest section of the lawn at one time, often resulting in unevenly watered lawns and lots of runoff or overflow. A professional sprinkler system ensures that your lawn and garden are equally covered and that the lawn is only watered as much as required.

Is the lawn too big to water all at once?

For Oklahoma homeowners with larger gardens or lawns, underwater sprinklers and irrigation systems may be the only way to water them effectively. An irrigation and sprinkler system is the best way to effectively water large areas unless you want to spend hour after hour moving your sprinklers around by hand or dragging a hose behind you.

Do you have a lot of plants with various water needs?

If you are an avid gardener or have lots of plants and landscaping on your property, sprinklers and irrigation systems can ensure that your plants have the right amount of water to meet their needs.

In the end, an irrigation and sprinkler system is the best way to enjoy a healthy, lovely lawn in Oklahoma. And if you want to be sure your system is installed in the right way, please call us at Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair today. We’re the top sprinkler and irrigation system installer in Oklahoma.

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Broken Arrow Sprinkler​

Lawn Sprinkler Repair

When it’s about lawn sprinkler repairs in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, rest easy knowing that Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair has you covered. We specialize in the quick and hassle-free repair of lawn sprinkler systems. In addition to fixing your lawn sprinklers, we will also perform an irrigation system inspection to help you find other areas that need to be repaired or adjusted. If you need an emergency irrigation repair in Broken Arrow, Ok, and other nearby areas, give us a call today.

As you can imagine, seeing a geyser coming from your lawn may strike you as a need for emergency repair. In addition to busted rotors and heads, you can count on us for backflow preventer issues, mainline leaks, and lateral line leaks. 

Once we’ve repaired your primary issue, we’ll also walk your system to check for any heads that need to be replaced, as they may become another geyser pretty soon. We’ll also check for coverage issues, pressure issues, and even check to see if your sprinkler system’s controller and weather sensor are programmed correctly and operating correctly.

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Lawn Sprinkler Repair Companies

We’ll also fix sprinkler heads that are spraying into areas they should not. This goes for your entire system, as we are very devoted to ensuring your sprinkler system is operating at peak performance and efficiency. In fact, one of our core values is responsibility and accountability. We are highly engaged with water conservation efforts. We can even upgrade your existing system to use up to 60% less water while keeping your lawn looking lush and green all year long.

Furthermore, we will take the time to explain each additional issue with your irrigation system and provide you with an honest quote for repairs. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on professionalism. That is why we will be there exactly when we scheduled your appointment. Professionalism is also one of our core values in an industry that seems to be lacking.

If you need fast sprinkler system repair, call us right away.

Irrigation Repair

If you need an irrigation repair company in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, how will you go about it? Would you ask a neighbor? Are you going to jump on Angie’s List and browse through their list? Are you looking for a cheap, quick repair of your irrigation system? If you are looking for a local, professional and reliable irrigation company to meet all your irrigation and drainage needs, count on Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair.

Why is it important to hire a guaranteed irrigation company? If the irrigation company is a “fly by night” group, you might have more trouble than you did. In fact, if the irrigation company you employed is not insured or licensed, you may be out of a few thousand dollars if something goes astray. When it’s about irrigation companies, not all of them are created equal. Unfortunately, corner-cutting is quite prevalent in our industry. Make sure you hire a company that you can trust, like us at Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair. We strive for the utmost professionalism and will never leave you unsurprisingly surprised by our promptness as well as our unrivaled customer service.

So, before you employ anyone else, make sure you do your homework. Make sure you check their reviews online. Check for their longevity in the area. If you cannot find them online, it is not a good sign. So, if you get a mailer or saw a truck driving down the street, and you are hoping for a quick fix to your system, you might be in for a bad time. Do your due diligence and make sure you hire a company that honors their commitments and does what they say they are going to do.

No matter how big or small installation or irrigation is, you can count on us. We likewise have handle drainage solutions for your yard. Whenever you are looking to hire a company to repair your sprinkler system, do your homework. Please, take a look at our online reviews to see how happy our customers are. Call us today!

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Sprinkler System Repair

Let’s be honest with you for a minute. Summer is sunny and hot, ridiculously hot and sunny, particularly in Oklahoma. You know that, and if you worked on your landscape and had a sprinkler system installed, that’s a smart move. Nevertheless, if you have noticed that your irrigation system doesn’t work or that there are patches of dying, brown grass in your yard, you’re probably wondering if it was worth investing in the sprinkler system. The answer to that is, yes, and it’s still worth it. Perhaps you just need some repairs done.

A few things could happen if your Broken Arrow sprinkler system does not work as efficiently as you want. The most noticeable is a broken or misaligned sprinkler head. If this is the case, the water does not go where it needs, and the areas that need water are missing. Like people, grass requires a minimum amount of water to survive and be healthy. Sprinkler systems are designed to cover a certain area with a single sprinkler head. If the sprinkler head is broken or not properly aligned, the area could be watered less than it should be or not at all. The repair of this sprinkler involves adjusting or replacing the current sprinkler head.

Local Sprinkler System Repair Companies

A larger and more serious issue could be the piping of the sprinkler system. There might be a crack or even a connection that’s gone apart. This takes more than just walking around the yard to find out. Some digging may be involved. If you do not have extensive knowledge of sprinkler repair, you may make the problem worse if you try to fix it yourself.

The professionals at Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair are ready and able to help you repair your sprinkler. We can quickly identify and pinpoint the source of your problems and make repairs. We also specialize in the regular maintenance of your sprinkler system to prevent any future issues with your irrigation system.

Keeping on top of maintenance is always the most reliable way to avoid a broken sprinkler system. If you need repairs to the sprinkler, it is not the end of the world. With the right help, you can get your Oklahoma lawn back to its tip-top shape and avoid any further problems. Call us today.

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Residential Sprinkler Repair

Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair has been connecting and installing sprinkler systems in Broken Arrow, Ok, for several decades. Our company focuses on the professional installation of sprinkler and irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties in the Broken Arrow area. To ensure that your landscaping system is adequately maintained, it must be installed by an expert design team that understands all the unique features of the irrigation system. Here are just some reasons to work with a professional maintenance sprinkler system for your Broken Arrow home or property:

Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair provides services to all brands of Broken Arrow irrigation and sprinkler systems. Our technicians are trained to effectively diagnose and repair issues in your sprinkler system, from the simplest nozzle or head replacement to the most complex valve, wiring, or controller issues. Our service vehicles are stuffed with a variety of irrigation parts to lessen repair time and allow your Broken Arrow irrigation system to work as quickly as possible.

Another way for our sprinkler system maintenance specialists to ensure that your irrigation system is running efficiently is to inspect each sprinkler head for leakage. Several leaking sprinkler heads could really cause you to pour hundreds of gallons of water into the soil. You might not even know that the irrigation system is just wasting water. Our technicians will show you how we can make your system run more efficiently and help you save money. Call us today, and one of our trusty technicians will go to your business or residence to inspect your system.

Our irrigation experts first focus on the needs of our customers. We make certain to go that extra mile to exceed your expectations.

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New Sprinkler System Installation

To keep your beautiful lawn in the dry seasons that we experience here in Broken Arrow, OK, it’s important to have a new automatic sprinkler system installed on your property. While there might be several companies offering sprinkler systems to residents of the Oklahoma City Metro area, you need to work with a professional who has the experience and understanding of how to install the system properly. At Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair, we are proud that our family-owned company with a team of experts has satisfactorily catered to homeowners in Broken Arrow for years.

Depending on the property’s size, if you still use portable sprinklers to water your lawn, you can spend hours moving around your property every week. Portable sprinklers are not designed to apply even distribution of water to the soil, which means that you can provide too much for some areas and not enough for others. Once your grass starts to turn brown, this summer, you’ll have a losing battle on your hands to try to keep a beautiful, full-bodied lawn. Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair’s irrigation specialists can help you enjoy a glossy, vibrant green lawn all season with the installation of an automatic sprinkler system for your Broken Arrow home.

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Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair

Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair

When you call one of our specialists, we will come to your house and carefully determine the size of the system you need. Once you are content with our quote, our team will start working on installing your new sprinkler system. The entire irrigation system consists of several pipe components, sprinkler heads, valves and an irrigation control box. These components of the sprinkler system need to be installed by an expert in the industry to efficiently ensure that the system covers all areas of your property. Anyone from Oklahoma already knows that we have had several consecutive dry summers. Without an automatic sprinkler system, it is difficult to keep the grass green.

Our Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair specialists have extensive experience ensuring that the system we install maintains more than just your lawn.

We design the irrigation system, so the areas of your landscaping that have shrubs, bushes, and flower beds all profit from a daily flow of water. This makes your brand new sprinkler system both convenient for homeowners and beneficial to all parts of your beautiful landscaping. Now the grass is getting the right water it needs to keep growing thick and strong. At the same time, flowers receive the right amount of water to thrive in the hot summer sun. The sprinkler system is the most cost-effective way to keep your landscape attractive throughout the summer.

What are you waiting for? Call us today!

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