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Sprinkler Installation

Have you been contemplating on getting a professional lawn sprinkler system installed on your property? Proper irrigation is one of the most critical aspects of lawn care. Still, watering can be incredibly time consuming and ineffective if it is not done correctly. The irrigation system will help make irrigation easier, but you should know what the benefits are.

Here are just some of the advantages of installing a sprinkler system for your property:

You will save time. You know how time-consuming watering your lawn can be for people used to water with a garden hose or a manual sprinkler. Watering with such systems requires planning and a considerable amount of time.

You will water more strategically. No more water runoff at the sidewalks and driveways! Your irrigation system could be strategically positioned to focus on the right areas of the lawn.

You are going to enjoy better aesthetics. You will also say goodbye to the clutter of hoses and sprinkler heads lying around on your property.

You are likely to grow a healthier lawn. Most lawns need 30 to 60 minutes of watering once or twice a week. If your yard gets too much or too little water, your health may suffer. Luckily, a lawn sprinkler system can give your lawn and garden the perfect amount of water every time with little or no waste.

You ‘re going to benefit from greater flexibility. There is an irrigation system for any size or shape of the property. Also, manual sprinklers are all more limited in what kind of lawn they can accommodate.

You will save water. Lawn sprinkler systems are more eco-friendly than manual methods because they use less water strategically and minimize waste.

If you wish to understand the benefits of a lawn sprinkler system or need to install or repair an irrigation system, please do not hesitate to call us today at Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair!

Broken Arrow Sprinkler Installation

Irrigation systems are becoming increasingly popular for the convenience they offer. A lot of companies offer lawn sprinkler system irrigations, but does it matter who installs it in your home or property in Broken Arrow?

As it turns out, the one who installs your irrigation system is kind of a big deal. Installation of an irrigation system may also require groundwork or other components to control the flow of water.

You put a lot of labour into making your property beautiful both inside and outside. A professionally designed irrigation system enhances your ability to grow beautiful flowers while keeping your yard moisture at an optimum level. An irrigation system that has not been installed by a professional and does not function is a waste of money and effort and can cause major drainage problems and headaches.

Choosing an irrigation specialist who is insured and licensed is the best way to ensure that your lawn sprinkler system is properly designed and installed. The irrigation system must be properly installed by the manufacturer ‘s specifications as well as local, state, or neighbourhood regulations. It is likewise crucial to have a professional perform routine maintenance checks to ensure that your system is working properly and that no leakage drains resources and energy.

Save Money and Time

Automatic irrigation systems use timers to efficiently disperse water at the desired rate at the desired time, so you don’t have to spend time squeezing the garden hose around the yard. An accurately installed irrigation system will also save you money by not having to be replaced or repaired in the foreseeable future. Well designed irrigation systems are designed to be energy efficient to save money on energy costs. On the other hand, poorly designed irrigation systems can cause major disasters such as floods and water damage.

Proper irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance impact the appearance of your yard, and your yard’s appearance has a direct impact on the value of your property and, therefore, your return on investment. Would you prefer a subpar lawn sprinkler system or a state-of-the-art irrigation system designed to keep your natural flora thriving and your home looking gorgeous?

Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair is proud of our years of service to home and property owners in Broken Arrow OK, and nearby areas. We’ve been providing top-notch sprinkler and irrigation system solutions that our customers can be proud of. If you’re ready to transform your lawn, call us today!

How Much Does a Sprinkler Installation Cost

The lawn area and the kind of materials used are the two most important cost factors to consider. Additional factors include the following:

Lawn Size – The average quarter-acre lot has about 7,500 square feet of lawn and shrub that needs watering. If you have a big lawn size, expect to pay a larger amount.

Sprinkler System Parts – Depending on your installer’s kind of heads, pipes, controllers, and timers, your final project cost may vary. Cheaper components are always an alternative, but they will likely need repair sooner than quality parts and potentially end up being a more valuable path down the road.

Trenches – Trenches will be dug to place the pipes that will carry the water to the heads of the sprinkler. The trenches are normally up to 12 inches deep, and the risers are used to bring water to the heads of the sprinkler.

Type of soil – There are additional costs for hard soil, including the digging of a shelf, rock field, and hard soil. If the set up is to take place in a location that generally experiences significant freezing every year, there would be an additional 10 per cent of the cost of constructing a system to operate in that environment.

Number of zones to water – The bigger the area to be irrigated, the more trenches will be dug, the more pipes will be laid, and the more heads will be used. Pop-up impact irrigation heads cover 200 square feet and 300 square feet per head. For a simple, medium-sized yard area, you would have installed as many lawn areas as you need and a shrub area. You might need to separate sunny and shaded areas for the lawn and plant areas for maximum efficiency.

Landscaping Design – A variety of design features and the type of landscaping installed will place unique demands at different locations. For example, having a large group of very thirsty shrubs in the farthest corner of the yard from the house is different from having to reach grass at the same distance.

Labor – It is mainly labour costs that will vary, not material costs unless the installation takes place in a very rural location.

To know more about the costs of a sprinkler system installation, call us today. We are always ready to guide you and help you make informed decisions about your lawn.

Sprinkler Installation Company Near Me

Water management is important to any homeowner who does not want to waste time and money repairing drainage damage. Sure, your lawn guy can put new sod down when your yard is a mess. Still, chances are he’s not qualified to design, install, and maintain groundwater collection and irrigation systems that keep your home free from flooding and water damage.

If you decide to set up a lawn sprinkler system, it is important to find a trained irrigation expert who can identify any potential problems or groundwork that might be needed. In contrast to lawn maintenance professionals, irrigation experts such as Broken Arrow Sprinkler Repair can help with the latest technology to design, install and maintain efficient irrigation systems.

Expertly installed irrigation systems can even lower energy costs, while improperly installed irrigation systems can lead to major disasters such as floods and loss of property and plant life as a result of water damage.

Ready to install the irrigation system? Call us today.

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